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Detective Bob Carson

Detective Carson doesn't consider himself a radical. --Just a Cop who works hard and is serious about his responsibilities. Unfortunately, that makes him a frequent source of humiliation to less dedicated detectives and a threat to the corrupt police department and politicians.



Voiced by
Stephen Pena

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Matlock" is a name coined by the police and press for the murderer of Sparazza Crime Family members. His motivation and identity remain unknown. But he is determined to finish off the entire mob.”

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Damien Costas

Damien is one of the two hitmen hired by the Sparazzas to take down Matlock. He and his sister Beatrice will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Some consider him to be a wild card.

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Detective Joe Cooper

Detective Cooper is Carson's assigned partner and is as haunted as Carson by the unsolved murders of the Sparazzas. As police search a recent crime scene involving Detective Figueroa--a new clue is found that will bring them closer to solving the case.

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Beatrice Costas

Beatrice is the sister of Damien. She is said to be as incalculable as her brother. Both will do anything to get the job done.

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Detective Johnny Figueroa

Detective Figueroa is in the Sparazza’s payroll and a pawn for Matlock to further his plans. His death sparks a new lead for Detectives Carson and Cooper.


Voiced by
Gianni Matragrano